12 de fev. de 2019

Parfums Dusita Splendiris - English Review

It is easy to surrender to the charms of the brand Dusita and its creator, Pissara Umavijani. Pissara is a rarity among the people who head niche brands today, someone who genuinely has an artistic vein, a clear view of her brand and an accessible, gentle person open to her audience. This is in some ways so different from what happens that I remember that in the beginning people believed that their brand and person might be a marketing scam, something that time has shown to be untrue. And today Dusita easily stands out among the niche brands as one that can be highly poetic and at the same time uncomplicated in its delivery.

For her latest release Pissara took a different approach by promoting something unique, a chance to allow the perfume-loving community to try and name their latest release, a concept based around the noble and precious iris. The name chosen could not have been more appropriate, Splendiris, capturing the idea that this is a distinct and glorious iris and linking to the perfume poem, since Splendido in Latin is related to light and the perfume is inspired by a poem of the deceased poet and father of Pissara, who reads: "I write on the candlelight in a night wrapped in many layers of dreams." Splendiris is a poem not about the literal scent of the iris, but about its poetic and even melancholy aspect, which loses the weight of sadness and gains a serenity that is rarely seen in this theme.

For me the greatest asset and that makes splendiris indeed splendid is precisely this feat of being able to utilize the more complicated side of the iris, the aroma of the root, and make it light as a plume and soft as a puff at the beginning of a Nice night. For those who know about commercial perfumery you may not be able to perceive the iris so easily, since there is none of powdery makeup here. This is not an ionone iris, it is an iris that uses the earthy aspect of the carrot seed and the cold metallic scent of the iris root, two facets little explored by consumers. However, Pissara practically puts herself in this perfume with a light, enigmatic and enveloping beauty that at the same time is familiar is something I do not remember having felt anywhere.

Splendiris uncovers its multiple layers of flowers, creating an abstraction for the iris flower, from which the scent is not extracted. The way it is constructed suggests an appearance of white lily flowers, followed by soft petals of soft-colored roses and wrapped in a discreetly animalic scent. The earthy aspects of the iris create the identity of the dreamy and almost distant beauty of splendiris while a discreet warm touch of ambergris along with the woods suggest a scent of skin, a warm embrace of a loved one. As I used it, I sometimes felt as if i was witnessing the beauty of a rare and delicate bird to make a graceful flight through the sky, something that is not flashy or fussy but is very beautiful to observe and uncomplicated in its grace.