30 de abr. de 2019

DSH Perfumes Matsu - English Review

One of the things that stands up in most of DSH Perfumes is that how well-developed they are conceptually. You might say that some could be better in terms of complexity or performance, but Dawn usually delivers what she promises, her designs are precise and elegant. And it's such the case here in Matsu, one of her creations that goes into the minimalist room of the DSH Mansion of Creations.

Matsu is "Pine Tree" in Japanese and Dawn is adhering here to an aesthetic japanese design. She proposes the smell of lush forest air, something fresh lively, never overpowing or complicated. Somethin like a Haiku format of perfume, compact, elegant and to the point. And it's exactly what she delivers here in this musky-woody composition.

What i miss the most is exactly the luscious complexity that Dawn delivers so perfectly with her many years of practice, but in Matsu Dawn again shows how versatile she is. The perfume delivers you a scent of bitter citrus leaves which are drenched in creamy airy musks and in a serene woody base that seens to stand mostly in sandalwood and rosewood. Matsu seems to bypass the piramidal structure to favor a biphasic development. And as she states in the description, the scent is never overpowing or complicated, but it never leaves you either. You are not smelling the Pine Tree itself, but a whiff of it in the forest carried by the wind. It's serene and easy to like, one that i would recommend for someone that is not into the complicated vintage aesthetic.