27 de mai. de 2019

Carolina Herrera 212 Vip Man - English Review

Concept: 4                                                      Olfactive  Cohesion: 3.5
Technical Aspects (Sillage/Longevity): 4      Presentation: 4,5
Final Note: 3.8                                                Note in the Price Range: 3.8
Price Range: 2 - 50 to 100 dollars

1 - Poor  2 - Regular 3 - Good 4 - Great 5 - Excellent

A visible feature of a perfume's success is its impact in generating the launche of other perfumes that try to achieve good sales targeting the public from the one that has become profitable, producing variations on the basic idea of ​​it. One that impacted men's perfumes and led to an era of indirect inspiration is 1 Million, launched by Paco Rabanne in 2008. In 2011 it began to emerge the first perfumes that inspired the idea of ​​1 Million and that have become successful and sell until today, and one of them is just a better party and festive variation of the traditional 212 Men of Carolina Herrera.

The concept of 212 Vip Men makes clear that its goal is to be a noticeable, nocturnal and extravagant scent and all the communication around it indicates this and also makes clear that its positioning is aimed at a young audience. Its goal is to be fun, charismatic and stylish, things it certainly can be for a wider audience. And to achieve this the concept has no modesty to hide its inspiration, but still is a variation that works very well and ended up having a life at its own.

The perfume uses the same dynamics of One Million: a strong amber base  of excellent performance with oriental touches and a more citric aspect to harmonize the idea. I remember that one of the things that bothered me so much in this creation was precisely the intense, dry aroma of the amber, which seemed to cling to the nose and disturbed the rest of the perfume appreciation. I do not know if the constant exposure to perfumes with this note or perhaps the cold day have shown over time that this aspect is less suffocating than I remembered, which allows me to perceive what actually gives the identity of the perfume.

212 Vip Men switches the spice saturation and the fruity tobacco nuances to something cooler and boozy-like. At the opening it is possible to notice in the first minutes citric nuances of orange that evolve to a fruity acidic side, one that completes the amber base very well. The boozy concept adds a dry alcoholic aura to the composition by focusing on vodka and gin, 2 drinks that have nothing sweet. The use of peppers also helps to give a different identity, reinforcing the drier aspect of the idea and giving a light incense nuance.

For a partying perfume, 212 Vip Men has a good performance, a lasting and projection that is noticeable yet not ultra-intense. One aspect that certainly draws attention in the project is its beautiful bottle, minimalist in shape but at the same time extravagant in its mirrored appearance. Overall the perfume doesn't create anything new, but knows how to surf a trend very well, suggesting the familiar aspect and creating a personality for its own. It is a young perfume made for the masses, but one that integrates very well its different project aspects.