28 de mai. de 2019

Carolina Herrera 212 Vip Men Party Fever - English Review

Concept: 2.5                                                     Olfactive  Cohesion: 3
Technical Aspects (Sillage/Longevity): 4        Presentation: 4.5
Final Note: 3.2                                                  Note in the Price Range: 3.2
Price Range: 2 - 50 to 100 dollars
1 - Poor  2 - Regular 3 - Good 4 - Great 5 - Excellent

One thing that surely draws attention in the 212 Vip men line is the bottles, solid, with a sophisticated finish and colors that stand out. But this makes me reflect that one of the great sins of perfumery of the last 20-30 years is just this: the appearance prevails overt the essence. And it has become easier to mask it in an industry that launches frenetically perfumes in the form of flankers, where you do not need to build a new concept and where the fragrance is made to be a limited edition and remain on the shelves for a short time. In such a format, it simply does not matter the consistency.

Conceptually 212 Vip Men Party Fever has the objective of maintaining the cool and young features that the 212 VIP line represents and for that nothing better than something that although not new still possesses a bit forbidden and controversial. To do this, a combination of Ginger and burning Cannabis is proposed, proposing a confident and exuberant energy (and in this sense perhaps Cocaine would be more appropriate than marijuana). This 212 Vip flanker suffers the same problem as the 212 Vip Black, where what is proposed has little to do with what the perfume really delivers on the skin.

The steal-color effect proposed in the bottle is not reached by means of the supposed protagonists (ginger and marijuana) that incidentally appear little in the composition. If there is anything on the edge of risk here is the fact that in practice they deliver a perfume that would be easily feminine within a masculine concept. The fragrance opens with a colorful citrus fruity that highlights juicy apple nuances and quickly turns into a cotton-candy aroma that dominates any freshness that could exist here. The perfume ends up creating in the background a creamy accord chord that makes me think distantly of dove soap and that mix of creamy soap and sugary aroma is what seems to hold the fragrance throughout the evolution.

If the concept is weak and the olfactory is just fine the projection and lonvegivty are great for an EDT perfume. The bottle certainly is one of the most beautiful of the line and the steal-colored effect makes it stand out. The scent itself might be that of a quality feminine scent, something perhaps in the line of natura's current releases, and this is perhaps the most risky and shocking it has in itself (feminine fragrance for masculine audience). A perfume that despite not being bad has nothing effectively that stands out and that is worth more by the bottle and as a collection item.