9 de mai. de 2019

DSH Perfumes Chataignes du Bois - English Review

Every year at the Holiday seasons Dawn Spencer Hurwitz creates a special fragrance that join her holiday collection. In each of the she tries to capture different aspects of the season and in Chataignes du Bois the perfumer does a classic cozy interpretation of the wintery and warm xmas (that for me, which lives in south hemisphere, is more an abstract notion since xmas here is very hot). It centers in the chestnut and the idea is to capture both freshly fallen chestnuts and also their roasted and sweetned aroma and their role in the desserts of the season. And if you are looking at a warm, spicy and rounded fragrance this is certainly one to go.

It's very interesting how multifaceted and longlasting Chataigne du Bois is and if this is xmas it's certainly a very festive and rich one. At the center there is the roasted nutty idea, sometimes more caramelized and at the other times more dry, mixing with a very intense cedar aroma. It makes me think that chestnuts are being roasted by the fireplace.

While this is a main theme of Chataignes du Bois there are other nuances occurring as well. There is a kind of complex spicy aura that seems to mix both hot and cool spices with cinnamon, cardamom and clove aromas filling the air. There is also a honey aspect at the background, which is mixed with a ambery woody base. This combination of spices + honey + amber makes me think of ambre narguile from hermes, but the main roasted chestnut aroma + the roast sugar and the cedary impression gives it chataigne du bois its distinct aroma.

The performance aspects are great here too and this is one of the rich and longlasting DSH fragrances. It's never dull, never too simple and in cooler days it's very harmonic, a great companionship for to make a common day seems more special. Dawn really knows how to make you crave for festive seasons as when you were a kid.