5 de mai. de 2019

DSH Perfumes D'Anjou And Rose Vert - English Review

I see as a fact that with DSH Perfumes you seem to have something for everyone and while all her fragrances can go in very different directions there is always a certain softness and balance that seems very Dawn indeed. But even considering that Rose Vert and d'Anjou stand out in the vast catallog of Dawn Spencer Hurwitz releases due their style being far from the usual of the talented perfumer. They seem to go into a simpler and straightfoward direction, uncomplicated fragrances for the ones that go after this kind of composition.

D'Anjou is challenging for me, i would say that it's my least favorite DSH Perfume but it's one of the easiest ones of the brand to wear. Maybe it's exactly this that makes it my least favorite, the fact of being very simple, bordering an accord that could be made into a bigger perfume. But her intention was that, a light fruity floral fragrance and this D'Anjou delivers to the point.

The idea is of a sheer and ethereal fragrance, one which is perfect as a first perfume for a young girl and in fact D'Anjou is gorgeous and high quality for an young girl. It's fruity aroma is not dull and smells succulent and the delicate white floral that comes to support it makes me think with the fruit nuances of an apple blossom idea. The base is mostly musks, delicate ones, finishing the fragrance in an uncomplicated but balanced idea. I think that your perception of the musks will influence how you notice the final moments on skin and for me it disappears quite quickly.

Like D'Anjou Rose Vert also seems simple, straightfoward and a little bit juvenile. The difference is that here there is chypre nuances, so if the young girl started with D'Anjou now she is interested in a fragrance a little bit more challenging and adult. So Dawn offers her a dream of roses, dew-drenched and velvety.

Rose Vert is manly rose and while it's a very natural rose in fact i doesn't smell old-fashioned. There is a little bit of citrus, maybe bergamot or mandarine, giving a citrus succulence to the opening. Soon they are joined by the green and velvety rose nuances, like a distilled rose water but more full bodied and rounded. The chypre base instead of being earthy is kind of mossy in a silent way, surrounded by woody nuances and a discreet incense whiff. It almost goes into the classical direction but the perfumer seems to exert a restraint here which works with the dreamy idea of the inspiration.