14 de mai. de 2019

DSH Perfumes Eau Cerise - English Review

Before reading the concept for Eau Cerise i was pretty surprised upon applying it on skin. The cherry theme is one quite predictable, so it's hard to be surprised. Brands usually follow either a modern chypre or gourmand fruity route, highlighting the syrupy and almond facets, or they go for the sakura/cherry blossom fantasy, which is usually routed on a green jasmine/muguet floral body, representing a blossoming spring aroma to a flower which barely has an aroma. Here Dawn Spencer Hurwitz surprises by doing neither of both and still delivering a fragrance that is faithful to its theme.

Maybe this happens because the perfumer admits that she is not fond of the the sweet and syrupy cherry fragrances, but for her series of Forbidden Fruits she decided to explore the symbolism that cherry carries from the youth and virginity to the loss of innocence. So Eau Cerise was not made to celebrate the spring, but a more deep blossoming, the one which is related to a personal ripening, from youth and virginity to becoming adult and a sexual individual.

It might be me being such a fanboy of my friend, but i think the theme is perfectly executed here. Dawn might hate the sweet and syrupy facets of cherry, but she doesn't avoid them completely here. They are re-framed with a certain tartness that it's what make eating cherries such a delicious experience. The fruits here are symbolic to the youth and to represent a slow transformation she opts for a different floral route. Eau cerise suggest the cherry blossoms but using roses insted of white flowers and curiously the green rose nuances fits perfectly with the cherry tartness. The rose also helps to bring a slow transformation, as if from youth your first ripened to virgin adult and then to being sexual.

But this is not made in a vulgar erotic way, the forbidden fruit here tempts us in subtle way. It's a discreet transformation that suddenly starts to wave discreet animalic touches amid musky and woody notes. It's like being innocent but having behind all that innocence and seriousness an erotic and animal side ready to be explored. It's a fragrance that indeed explores the proposed transformation arch quite elegantly and in a way that you might even miss it because it's flawlessly executed.