10 de mai. de 2019

DSH Perfumes Fou d'Opium - English Review

After Dawn launched her quartet of fragrances celebrating Yves Saint Laurent life and fashion there was one of the compositions that captured public's attention, Euphorism d'Opium, created based on the spicy formulation of the eau de toilette concentration. Opium lives up to its narcotic name and many people are addicted to the original fragrance, so she received many requests to recreate the original parfum concentration as well. And to celebrate this crazy love for it she named it Fou d'Opium, which completely lives up the crazily wonderful composition she delivers here.

Opium is one of those rich, spicy orientals that has to be reproduced in the right balance and with the best quality in order to work and Fou d'Opium does it with perfection. It's intense, misterious and addictive from the first minutes on skin. There is an oily and animalic castoreum background which makes the myrrh and amber main theme smells very sexy and intriguing. The myrrh seems for me to be a main protagonist here, adding a dry fruit aroma that works perfectly against the spices.

While this is made to be a more animalic version of Opium the warm, cinnamon like aura it's still there, giving it the red hue aura you associate with Opium. There are flowers and a little bit of woods as well, but what predominates indeed are the contrast between the incense resins, the sweet oriental part and the hot spicy aspect. Fou d'Opium brings the scent back to all its glory and allure and if you miss the old one you would certainly be happy with it. It's a great reconstruction and one of the best perfumes in DSH catalogue.It's really easy to go crazy over it.