1 de mai. de 2019

DSH Perfumes Reveries de Paris - English Review

A Collaborative project between Dawn Spencer Hurwitz and CaFleureBon's editor Michelyn Camen this is one of those projects that has the classic Dawn feeling. The idea here is to capture in scent a kind of timecapsule story of a young woman that went to stay and live in Paris and during this year appreciating the fine things of life, one of them being perfumes.

As a kind of a memory, which is imperfect, Reveries de Paris seems to be made to capture a certain nostalgia feeling, like smelling something quite familiar yet different. The scent has a vintage aura on it indeed, which is why it smells like the classic style of the perfumer, but at the same time seems compact and straightfoward like a modern creation.

I would say that the combination of leather, spices, sweet resins and flowers somehow capture an idea of a young woman becoming more mature as well. The scent has in it's surface a baby-powder like impression, quite innocent, but closer to skin you smell a distant smoky animalic aroma doing the part of leather. Between theem there is a sweet and resinous combination of benzoin, vanilla and spices that captures for me an Opium oriental style, a rich and warm oriental texture.

Altough you can notice different nuances and textures the overall warm oriental aura remains throughout the evolution, creating a curious linear texture for something complex, capturing the idea of a memory that contracts and expands when is remembered.Certainly a scent for a woman (and a man) learning to appreciate the fine things of life.