7 de mai. de 2019

DSH Perfumes Taj Garden - English Review

Something that i see as quite difficult to be properly captured inside a fragrance is the smell of fresh flowers on an balanced weather day. That aroma that is hard to be described if not by using a synesthesic feeling, which of velvety satin petals. The aroma also seems ti have color which is somewhere between green, white and pink. It smells of balance, serenity and lush, things that flowers can easily convey in nature but hardly in fragrance. Taj Garden somehow puts me exactly in this mood, which certainly fits the inspiration.

Created by Dawn using as inspiration the beauty of the Taj Mahal Gardens, i would expect Taj Garden to be one of those arabs and indian attars full of intense spices, ambar, oud or carnal white flowers. Instead, it smells like peace and harmony. It certainly reflects the beauty of nature and how you feel about a nature reproduction will certainly influence your appreciation here.

The first nuance i notice here is of pink roses, that ones you see in bridal bouquets, there sheer green and velvety aromas still exhaling if they are still fresh. Here they are mingled with a delicate waxy nuance of white flowers that mix with a green nuance of flowers still blooming. The spices are discreet, a freshness used to reinforce the serenity and the pleasant sensory texture. The base here is also made to reinforce that, suggesting a vegetable musk texture with discreet woody creaminess.

Dawn website describe it as welcoming, uplifting and friendly perfume and again it's a perfect description. It is a kind of friendly aroma which might seem simple to understand but not simple to achieve. Somehow it's not a classic design, but it doesn't smell modern either due the intricacy of the flowery design. As the Taj Garden itself, the beauty here seems made more to be appreciated and sensed than fully understood or decodified.