3 de jun. de 2019

Parfums de Marly Byerley - English Review

Concept: 2.5                                                        Olfactive  Cohesion: 4
Technical Aspects (Sillage/Longevity): 4           Presentation: 4.5
Final Note: 3.7                                                     Note in the Price Range: 3.7
Price Range: 4 - 200 to 300 dollars
1 - Poor  2 - Regular 3 - Good 4 - Great 5 - Excellent

The problem with brands like Parfums de Marly is that although they deliver decent fragrances in the price range they positioned this is not enough from a critical point of view. Maybe in some of their launches they make the effort to create a narrative that ties the fragrance to the brand origins and explain the relationship between the name and the horse which names the fragrance. Usually, however, they use the elements just as an excuse to launch more fragrances in the market.

Beyrley doesn't give a damn to talk a little bit about the inspiration and you only discover something about if you do a Google Search. Its name is derivative of one racing breed of stallion horses but there is not any clear link between the woody and spicy aroma and the horse itself. However, what is delivered at least make sense with the proposed olfactive pyramid and the highlights given, vetiver and cardamom.

Byerley is basically a racing vetiver, muscular and even raw, a vetiver that uses the essential oil aroma of the roots and deliver the more complex nuances of the material: a drier woody aroma that at the same time has a damp and aquatic-like nuance. Cedar, gaiac and something like sandalwood create support and depth to the idea, making a transition from the rawer side to something more fluid and mainstream, a more mineral aroma which is still dry but without being heavy. On the top of that you have fresher and spicy nuances created by the combination of bergamot and cardamom, creating even a tea illusion. E at the base. there is a classic amber nuance that adds a certain sophistication to the composition.

Byerley delivers what promises but doesn't go far from that and doesn't refine a lot its details. The performance and project are in the range of what is expected and the perfume goes into the more mainstream like style that a lot of Marly fragrances goes. Its biggest problem is the price positioning of the product: for something that costs almost 300 dollars it doesn't deliver what it charges and it's not justifiable the superficial way it treats the concept and the link with the brand identity. It's closer to average than great given its price range.