7 de jul. de 2019

Areej Le Dore Flux de Fleur, Inverno Russo, Atlantic Ambegris - English Review

From time to time arrives a brand that charms the public like was  made by Areej Le Dore in the recent years. This happens mainly because accustomed to the easy, clean and mostly syntheticperfumery people end up surprising and getting excited with creations that know how to use natural materials, rare and of an exotic olfactory profile. Areej Le Dore is a brand that goes in that direction and ends up finding a way between the positive and negative aspects of natural perfumery.

Flux de Fleur, Russian Winter and Atlantic Ambergris certainly are of unquestionable richness from the olfactory and natural point of view, but they can not escape as a negative point of the natural perfume aura. Regardless of the excellent quality that musks, ambergris and resins possess for those who already know this style of perfumery it has that feeling of a olfactory deja vu, a certain amber "brown" aroma, wich is sometimes dry, reminds you of propolis and honey. In this aspect there is always the risk that the perfume seems more solid and creative by the work of nature and not by the perfumer itself.

But that is where the positive aspect of the brand stands out, which despite the limitations of the style of perfumery is able to actually use the richness it has in its hands to minimize it. Perhaps aware of the limited / sparse nature, each Areej Le Dore is made to please the few and explore little known and popular olfactory paths. So, as much as the 3 perfumes seem not to escape from the common and cozy base they control very well what they say until arriving there, in a very different way.

Inverno Russo makes me think of a kind of  cuir de russie that exalts the smoked aura of the rectified birch and complements it with other dry woods and contrasts it with sensual flowers and a golden honey aroma..Atlantic Ambergris is a multifaceted ode to a very high ambergris quality, harmonic in the saline and animalic aspect and complemented by a floral bouquet lightly fruity with a aroma of leather and oily flowers that reminds me of ambergris. Lastly Flux de Fleurs creates over an amber base and musk a narcotic camphor  floral that seems to explore this side of the tuberose and contrast with other white and yellow flowers in an intense and compact symphony of flowers. The 3 evolve slowly on the skin and although they do not have a great projection they aren't  not discreet or delicate fragrances. It is a luxury perfumery for the few and that aware of it tries to give its best to those.