31 de out. de 2019

4160 Tuesdays Kiss Me Quick(ly) - English Review

Kiss Me Quick (ly) was born at first from a very interesting project, a session called Perfume Poker where the perfumer was developing note by note the fragrance while the participating audience smelled and decided if they wanted to keep that version of the perfume or bet on a fragrance evolution. The project was later refined for an exhibition on about by the sea amusement events and today the perfume is sold as a limited edition which is related to these two events in its synthesis. It is a creative project that completely escapes the traditional rules of marketing and perfumery and whose independent and handmade focus of the brand allows to serve a very specific audience of people.

The perfume Sarah delivers here is not one of my favorites right away, but it is intriguing in its scent. There is something about the way it behaves in the skin that makes me think of the teenage spirit at that moment in life where at the same time you want to be transgressive and different you also want to be part of something and be accepted. This translates to me as an aroma that lies between a commercial aquatic woody and an eccentric metallic gourmand and they both seem vibrant in their approach, intense and unconcerned about what will happen.

The opening mixes bright aromas, seaweed-like plant aspects and a very clever use of what I would bet to be Levistamel, a Givaudan material capable of delivering a kaleidoscope of nuances ranging from caramel to hot welded metal. This colorful, vibrant and cheerful bump of elements may be  a lot at first, but it seems to develop into a comfortable woody aroma that seems to blend mostly vetiver and cedar and fit distant caramel gourmand nuance, something that doesn't leave the scent sweet or overwhelming but complete the scene of this seaside funfair park at the end of a day.

It is a very specific perfume, with a love or hate dynamic and I congratulate the brand on keeping perfumes like this that others would ignore for not having large scale audiences.