18 de out. de 2019

Beso Beach Bendito Beso - English Review

I have the impression that slowly a new category of perfume is making its rise from the commercial universe to the niche universe, that of aquatic perfumes. A concept that has become saturated in commercial perfumery due to its abuse, perfumes that attempt to capture the relaxed, contemplative and serene aura of the sea and ocean are beginning to resurface in niche and exclusive perfumery projects where there is a proposal to ennoble them using the experience and tactics of the already consolidated marketing positioning strategy of the quality of the materials involved and distinction of the fragrance delivered. It is what is sold in Bendito Beso.

I understand that this approach was not necessary in this context, since Beso Beach is a conglomerate of luxury restaurants in tropical paradise areas in Spain, Mexico and Catalonia. Just a search is enough to realize the relaxed and paradisiacal atmosphere that these restaurants sell, seductive and engaging as a kiss indeed (beso is kiss in Spanish). The concept of capturing pleasant moments in a fragrance and allowing you to rekindle memories through smell was itself sufficient for a well-thought-out luxury experience. Insisting on nobility of materials and distinction of fragrances is a strategy that makes such products sound like more of the same on the market.

Bendito Beso perfectly sells the concept of a musky aquatic fragrance and uses Olivier Cresp's commercial expertise to sell that idea. It is curious that this is a Cresp perfume because the execution is very reminiscent of Alberto Morillas' creations,  seeming like a variation of a conceptual fragrance that Morillas made to capture the memory of a walk on the beach, the Maison Martin Margiella Beach Walk perfume . Blessed Beso is a more musky and less floral variation of the same idea that Beach Walk proposes.

One of the ways that new aquatic perfumes have been using to avoid commercial saturation of the theme is the use of different aquatic molecules that have not yet become so common. Bendito Beso uses Cascalone for this, which is an aquatic molecule similar to calone, but without the nauseating aspect that bothers many. Cascalone has an ozone nuance too and works very well in a lightly floral context, which is used here to emulate the salty, warm and discreetly sensual tan lotion scent, The citrus and floral radiance create a luxurious and relaxed aura around it while the saturation of the musks ensures the softness and emulation of the skin aroma.

I would say that Bendito Beso only loses its chance, perhaps, to bring out a truly distinctive aspect, perhaps a subtle touch of violets if it was to go on a more obvious path of kisses and lip gloss. Or a more woody nuance to match the lid or even a more salty feel and a light gourmand touch. The experience of paradise and tropical holidays is very well sold here, transposing a more commercial idea for an exclusive setting. What is missing is in fact to sell the more unique side to exalt the nobility of the materials, since they are used in other perfumes more affordable in price and with the same effect.