24 de out. de 2019

Hermetica Cedarise - English Review

As part of Hermetica's woody perfume quartet, Cedarise is by its name an ode to the iconic Cedar, a wood whose essential oil is multifaceted, showing an aroma similar to that of a pencil shaving, with resinous, earthy, green hues, among others.  Cedarise tries to build an eco-friendly ode to wood by combining it with vetiver, musk and cypress.

I confess that on the skin, however, the story is different, other than what is told in the description and name. Although the honoree is Cedar and he is probably here, the vetiver is what stands out. The woody, green and vegetable aspects of vetiver root shape the identity of the composition, and cedar ends up in the corner for a more synthetic than natural view of cedar to be honest.

It's a problem that could easily be solved just by a change of name and inspiration itself. Cedarise is a good, fairly complex, round vetiver scent with a slight gourmand appearance that, in combination with the rest, reminds you of vetiver classics like Vetiver Tonka and Oriental Vetiver, but with a greener opening, probably influenced by cypress. For those who expect cedar here, even in evolution it is more like a fantasy, not a perfume that serves as an example of natural cedar in fact. For vetiver fans, though, it's worth trying what Hermetica delivers here.