22 de out. de 2019

Hermetica Green Lion - English Review

In a way Green Lion could be part of Memo's other brand, Floraiku, as its overall concept is minimalist and tends to put emphasis on good materials and a style that practically calls for fragrance layering. Still, I see here a design evolution in relation to what was proposed in Floraiku, even if the end result is thought to be easy for the consumer.

The scent is one that reflects in its aroma the green coloration of sustainable bottles and is an exercise in building a spicy, woody herbal fragrance that does not exclude the female audience and is capable of combining power and softness in the same fragrance. Some sacrifices are made to make this possible, but the end result is quite satisfactory.

On the skin Green Lion opens with a burst of fresh green, minty and spicy and is interesting because cardamom seems to behave almost florally here while its more camphor side is combined with the smell of fresh herbs on the opening. There is something very familiar right now, but not easy to decipher. To create this freshness and intense lightness, bright and round the perfume opts to make a more discreet base, where musks predominate and patchouli appears very discreetly.

There is not much evidence of Source 1 dna here, perhaps it was used in a very moderate way that doesn't make it stand out. However, his woody and dry potency will certainly serve to sustain this aroma whose beauty seems to lie mainly in the opening and early stages of evolution.