7 de out. de 2019

Natura Ekos Alma - English Review

Concept: 10
Olfactory: 10
Performance: 10

Final Score: 10

25% Concept, 50% Olfactory, 25% Technical
Official Price: 250 reais 50ml
Category: National

I do not know to what extent the Brazilian commercial market will see this but Natura Ekos Alma is perhaps the most risky and most artistic perfume delivered by Natura so far. Ekos Alma reflects a process of renewal in the national olfactory roots that Natura has made an integral part of its identity since 2003. But Alma is more than that, it is a brand renewal in transforming the sustainability of Brazilian raw materials into luxury and art, even if it breaks the price barriers and preconceived brazillian ideas of what our perfumery can be. It's a hugely successful attempt to kick our pooch complex.

Ekos Alma looks for the aromatic rituals  Amazon essences to find a way to reconnect with the preciousness of our local olfactory culture. For this, the brand explores already classic assets of its olfactory catalog, such as priprioca, cumaru and breu branco, and brings new natural and rare materials, such as the extraction of victoria regia flowers. The brand also proposes a perfume made with practically handcrafted techniques, such as maceration of priprioca in barrels of Amazon wood for a period of 12 months. Alma thus reflects the preciousness and uniqueness of our soul as a Brazilian people, a perfume that remains true to its roots but evolves with each year and each harvest.

Ekos Alma delivers a complex, harmonic and intense aroma. The use of cumaru is noticeable right away, exploring the almond nuances and the smell of  freshly cut grass. This is mixed with the aroma of priprioca roots, which in the aging process seem to have lost some of its heavier herbal aura and become more harmonious, balanced between the smell of root and woods. The Victoria Regia brings a rich and lush floral aroma, a delicate and slightly humid white floral as only the finest perfumes usually use. There is a slight liqueur and sweet aura and a subtle amber aroma that permeates Alma and makes it sensual and mysterious. Alma slowly turns into a more woody aroma, something reminiscent of the smell of vetiver root with a sweet touch and a slightly resinous background appearance.

The biggest surprise I see in Alma is that Natura has finally found a way to explore these natural materials from the Amazon rainforest and bring a luxury, sophistication and complexity that is true to international exclusive and artistic perfumery. Alma's exotic and harmonious floral scent would easily fit a niche fragrance brand, one that charges you over  300 dollars for a limited edition bottle. It is one of the national perfumes that actually uses the most essential natural oils, and it does so elegantly and with purpose, thus delivering a masterpiece of our perfumery. Worth trying.