8 de out. de 2019

Pk Perfumes Violet Chocolatier - English Review

Concept: 10
Olfactory: 9
Technical: 9
Final Score: 9.35

25% Concept, 50% Olfactory, 25% Technical
Official Price: $ 55 15ml, $ 75 30ml, $ 115 60ml
Category: Artisanal/ Indie Niche

In my experience over the years as a perfume lover, writer and reviewer per hobbie  i saw that meeting perfumes is like meeting people: it's impossible to remember in detail everyone, no matter how good they are. Yet some who cross your life stay in your memory and follow you and sometimes you find yourself thinking about them, the good or bad memories they bring. It's been 4 years since I first met Violet Chocolatier from independent perfumer Paul Kiler and since then I have never forgotten its scent. I decided to go back to it and try it again to deepen my understanding of his delicious retro gourmand aura.

Violet Chocolatier was created by Paul inspired by a painting that caught his eye, by Canadian artist Daria Jabenko. It's a very straightforward, somewhat graphic form of inspiration, based on Paul's professional experience as a Commercial Photographer and Visual Artist. The idea is to capture the retro, warm and emotional aura that the shades of violet, chocolate and green convey through the image. It is as if Paul is trying to capture the aroma of this chocolate and violet cake as well as the aura of the surrounding environment.

Like almost all of Paul's olfactory designs, Violet Chocolatier is realistic but not literal in its approach. When I first evaluated it, I first noticed the aura of chocolate liqueur and the retro aroma of violets, but today I see that there is much more to notice here. As much as there is this retro gourmand aura in its aroma there is a white floral background bouquet that brings a sensuality and a mystery that surrounds the aroma in a unique way. Violet Chocolatier is nice, sweet and cozy, but it hides an erotic side to its scent that you can't remain indifferent to, you either love or hate.

And it is precisely this complex, cozy, retro and seductive dynamic that fascinates me here and makes me think of it. It is a perfume that is not common in its smell. Its aroma even begins as expected, with a sweet, liqueur and dark chocolate aspect, as if the warm, black aroma of cocoa mass was the first thing we noticed. And then you notice the violets, worked in a very classic way, sweet and powdery, referring to the retro and emotional aspect of the composition and the aroma of the famous parma violets. And at this point where you think there is only warmth and emotion comes the sensuality of a bouquet of white flowers with a discreet green nuance. It is an aroma that makes me think of the smell of flower petals, as if freshly picked, a more delicate and tender sensuality that closes the composition in a very good way, although it is a point that somehow removes the perfume of its initial proposal.

But Violet Chocolatier does not have to be perfect to be passionate, because love works that way, precisely in imperfections. In terms of performance, this is not one of Paul's most intense but it has a great duration, so you will feel, even more discreetly, its cozy aura of dark chocolate, sweet violets and delicate and slightly succulent white flowers. I found that I still love its sweet, sensual and retro aroma and now i understand why.