10 de fev. de 2020

Olibere Paris Le Jardin de Mistinguet - English Review

Although it is not one of the most talked about and hyped brand on the market, I hope for Olibere's success. Founded by Marjorie Olibere, Olibere perfumes deliver something that in theory is very easy to achieve but in practice it is not always, which is elegance, delicacy and olfactory complexity. Marjorie has endeavored to translate her passions into photography and cinema into collections and concepts that add aesthetically without alienating the consumer. And all this without the brand resorting to exorbitant prices to sell luxury and status. How not to root for such a brand?

In 2018 Olibere launched a collection of fragrances with a more spring-like and fresh air, called Les Insoumises (The Rebels). Although the orientation is unisex, all the conceptual and aesthetic effort indicates the attempt to attract a difficult audience to be captivated in niche perfumery, the female audience. The collection of perfumes are inspired by imperfect but determined, strong and passionate heroines. And that translates into a light, cheerful and luminous idea, with each perfume representing this concept in a different way.

Le Jardin de Mistinguet is inspired by the film Midnight in Paris and unfortunately as I haven't watched it yet I lack the conceptual reference to make the connection with the fragrance itself. However, the work that Marjorie did with perfumer Luca Maffei translates into a spring floral that makes sense in itself. At first the aroma suggests a sunny aquatic and floral nuance that seems to go without great news, but in the middle of the fragrance a beautiful mimosa aroma blooms, well balanced between its nuances that refer to pollen and flower nectar. There is a delicate floral aroma that reminds me of roses and also the floral orange blossom nuances that play a more exotic role in the composition.

Finally, the perfume moves towards an amber base that manages to have a more "common" side without losing the fragrance or making it poor. Here the combination of amber, tonka and musk create the effect of an orange sunset, an olfactory texture slightly warm and sweet that involve the skin. It is certainly a romantic and imperfect perfume, but cheerful and springy, certainly feminine without being common. Of course it can be perfectly shareable but I believe that here the brand hit the nail on the head with women by doing something inspired by them.