29 de abr. de 2020

By Kilian Rolling In Love - Fragrance Review

It is interesting how the description of the perfume Rolling in Love leads you to very different conclusions from what the perfume actually delivers. According to the brand, this is a "musc de peau", a second skin scent, cozy as a cocoon and that would bring a more direct and less faceted approach than their latest compositions. This part is curious since multifaceted is not something that I associate with Kilian's perfumes, but the goal here for me is very clear: to go after the female audience that may not be the main audience of Kilian, someone who by the way has money and doesn't know much about perfumery.

I say that because Rolling in Love is basically what you get when you take an Avon perfume formula project that wants to copy La Vie Est Belle and give it a budget so to  invest in expensive and luxurious materials. It is a strange creature, a hybrid of cheap and affordable perfumery versus opulent and rich perfumery, compressed into a creation that comes close to being tedious and is saved by one detail: the iris.

It is a perfume that in this sense serves as an example of what many La Vie Est Belle clones cannot achieve because they do not have a budget in the formula for this, use the right amount of orris root to give it a sophisticated and nostalgic aura. It is the only really interesting part of Rolling in Love, besides that it is a popular perfume trying to copy commercial perfumery and posing as a niche. Here we have a fruity opening very easy to please, followed by a sugary aroma that you can easily find in perfumes that want to create an idea of ​​praline, burnt sugar, cotton candy and any other name given to the use of ethyl maltol in a perfume .

When the iris appears after that entrance there is an air of sophistication, and the La Vie Est Belle caricature is completed with the use of white flowers in the heart of the fragrance. Perhaps what ends up diverging is a simpler and more direct base, which takes away the patchouli and emphasizes the well-known cozy accord of musk and vanilla.

It is not quite a second skin perfume due to the amount of sugar and fruity and white flowers touches. It is also not a strong scent for the way it evolves. Rolling in Love is not a mass perfume by the iris it uses, but it is also not a sophisticated perfume by the way vanilla, sugar, fruits and musk are used in the composition. One thing it certainly is, another perfume that jumps on the wagon of La Vie Est Belle and tries to harvest its money by offering more of the same, but different.