19 de abr. de 2020

Di Ser Keman Extrait de Parfum - Fragrance Review

There is something about the collaboration between Di Ser and Rajesh Balkrishnan that brings out the best in both, a feat that is often only possible with a great partnership. The perfumes that Rajesh created before Keman are loaded with animalic notes, exploring primal and ancient aspects of a perfumery that many today do not understand. Di Ser's perfumes, by opting for a natural and delicate aesthetic, can also frustrate many who expect complexity and performance.

In Keman, Di Ser's delicate, natural and contemplative aspect blends perfectly with the most sacred and primitive side of Rajesh's ideas and manages to offer a rich, light and delicate composition that stays on the skin for hours. Keman is a melody with a lightness and harmony that smells expensive and it is rare to achieve, a sacred and harmonic aroma that certainly in primitive times would be offered only to the divine.

On the skin, the perfume has a delicate aura of woody incense, courtesy mainly of the use of a very noble agarwood. This incense surround the peaceful and lightness of yuzu and blue tanacet, as if preparing the spirit for smell, relaxing it and leading in a state of calmness. Shortly afterwards the flowers bring the beauty and complexity of life, delivering a velvety rose surrounded by a fresh and noble jasmine and with both complemented by geranium and cherry blossom, adding a very subtle green floral touch.

Keman's last phase surprises by creating a second skin of incense and woods that lasts all day, perhaps creating one of the longest lasting Di Ser's. The description made by the Luckyscent website fits like a glove here, with the perfume delivering a woody aroma that is in fact soft, dry and gently smoky.

Keman delivers a premium and sophisticated natural perfume, a sacred and luxurious experience that manages to be complex, delicate and not too difficult to be enjoyed by even those who are not fanatical about perfumes. It is a real jewel and a master collaboration between the two parties involved.