28 de abr. de 2020

Jeroboam Boha - Fragrance Review

Although it is an interesting and original project, Boha is the type of creation that does not seem to fit entirely within the Jeroboam brand. The name leaves the association with Esperanto and brings a word that in Ukrainian is pronounced like Vona and means the feminine pronoun She. Boha was born from a collaboration between an Ukrainian virtual magazine called Buro and the Jeroboam brand, being dedicated to Ukrainian women and reflecting their olfactory predilections.

I can't see how Boha fits in with Jeroboam's original perfume line except for the generous use of musks that mark other creations. Boha is also not a perfume that seems to reflect something that can fit any description category that you can give to a niche perfume.

There is in fact no narrative story or concept associated with Ukrainian women, the perfume is merely a marketing trick that captures the general tastes of women in the country through interviews and analyzes of what has been answered. Basically, a different way to make a focus group to ensure that the perfume pleases the final audience.

And Boha is sure to please not only the Ukrainian woman but will find an appeal in women from different locations around the world. There is something cozy, feminine and sensual in its aroma, which combines flowers with a citrus content, rose and white flowers with a light fruity touch of green apple on the opening and a cozy base with a powdery touch, soft musks and a distant woody mineral aroma.

Something that for me plays against it, however, is that the aroma is very reminiscent of the scent of room sprays in stores that sell women's lingerie. It is somewhat abstract and generic but certainly well built, harmonious and round. Only it is a forgettable aroma, that kind of perfume that is neither bad enough nor wonderfully good to mark some kind of emotion.