29 de abr. de 2020

Jeroboam Gozo - Fragrance Review

I feel that with the successive expansions of its second Jeroboam brand, Jovoy began to lose artistic and creative control over a brand that proved to be excellent in nature. What at first was a project linked to creations that were inspired by Esperanto words and brought with it a tone of mystery started to become basically an umbrella of collaborative projects that, although not bad, also do not stand out as really good.

Gozo different from the Boha perfume at least takes the time to have a new coloring that indicates that it is not part of the main line of Jeroboam. Here we have a pet project by a social media figure from Qatar who has enough money to travel the world and invest financially in his passion for perfumery. And here there is even an interesting idea, but one that is wasted with a lukewarm perfume and, in my opinion, poorly worked.

The idea behind Gozo is to celebrate an island in the Mediterranean Sea that belongs to Malta, an island of paradisiacal beauty and which, according to Jovoy, contains traces of several past civilizations and empires that are gone. According to the description given to Gozo, this island would have winds that would bring aromas from both Africa and Europe, a Mediterranean line that would be a meeting point for simple and at the same time rich exotic aromas.

In practice I would say that Gozo looks more like one of those Arab perfumes that are well made but still cheap and that you can see the budget limitation by the way the perfume is worked. It is as if some accessible Arab brand has taken parts of Joop Homme's oriental extravagance and translated it into a perfume saturated in musks. There is something interesting and almost animalic here but that is lost with a patchouli whose molecular distillation in this case instead of enhancing the material makes it poor and with an air of cheap perfume. I also get a misuse of ionones in the composition that ends giving it a cheap sweet aroma.

I am surprised by a confused and poor artistic project like Gozo. Theoretically, a collaboration with someone who travels the world so much and invests so much in perfumery combined with the expertise of the perfumer and the direction of Jovoy should result in something better. There was actually a story to be told, but Gozo uses its island and heritage as a mere pretext for a project that aims to explore the influence of a social media figure and capitalize on selling perfumes from there. It is a very strange way for Jovoy to celebrate 10 years of existence.