28 de abr. de 2020

Jeroboam Hauto - Fragrance Review

Hauto is one of the perfumes from Jeroboam brand whose name does not connect immediately with the perfume itself. The word in Esperanto means skin, leading you to believe that its aroma is something closer to the skin, which is not confirmed in what I will describe bellow. However, the brand makes it clear that inspiration goes beyond that. In Hauto it is celebratated the 20's Can-can dancers' ritual whose story says they perfumed every place they wanted to be kissed, implying a more erotic character in it. Hauto is thus a scent of skin seen from this more intense and carnal perspective.

The choice of composition could not be better for portraying that and the perfume is to me basically an ode to the narcotic and intoxicating power of tuberose. Hauto is as if it were an extract of Tuberose in its splendor, adorned by musks and with small touches of other notes here and there. The Lady who reigns in her splendor, however, is this beautiful flower.

At the opening, you can see the more minty and herbal aspects of Tuberose, balanced by the nuances of citrus. The more herbal side of the flower gives space to its whiter aroma, which refers to the orange blossom and which is adorned to the extent by the green scents to bring the idea more to the field of Tuberosa itself. Spices appear to be developing later, along with the warm and slightly sweet blend of musks, which give a skin tonality in a more full-bodied texture. Hauto is more to me than the scent of skin, but a game of discovery of the aroma of the skin driven by the seductive aromas of tuberose. A game of comfort and seduction.