28 de abr. de 2020

Jeroboam Miksado - Fragrance Review

When I first saw the name of the brand, I was intrigued at about its relationship with the concept of the brand (which I detailed in my Insulo review). Researching about it has made me discovere an intriguing element that seems to add an air of mystery to the brand: Jeroboam refers to a French tradition of the 18th and 19th century in assigning names of important biblical figures of the old testament to different sizes of Champagne, Bordeaux and Burgundy boittles. Jeroboam is the name given to the volumes of 3 and 4.5 liters. The motive of this tradition, however, is not one that can be explained. Considering that the names of each brand's perfume are in Esperanto I see this as a way of mixing classic, universal elements with a hint of mystery. Things that certainly make a perfume interesting.

Miksado is the word in Esperanto for blending or mixing and the proposal of the perfume is a fusion of fruity and spicy notes with musks and woods. It is a correct description since the behavior of the perfume on the skin is just a kind of dance between these notes, where there does not seem to be a linear plane of evolution. Perhaps by the saturation of the musks notes that would typically be base end up being percepted between opening and heart and the result is familiar in the aroma and interesting in the execution.

The notes released do not fully match my perception of Miksado. The brand discloses an output of bergamot, saffron and labadanum but my first impression on Miksado is the fruity aroma promised. It is a very juicy and sour aroma, something that makes me think of plums that have just matured, so they are sweet plums, but still retains a citrus and acidic aspect in its aroma. The Labdanum soon appears and is an interesting contrast between an amber and dense smoky aroma and a fruity, juicy and even slightly luminous aroma.

The Labdanum that typically accompanies the perfume until the evolution here behaves like a note of opening and heart and mixes with the aroma of the plums and the tones of what seems to me to be cinnamon and clove in the composition. As time goes by, the blend of the brand's musks will stand out and create a cozy, velvety and abstract aura. Among them is the aroma of wood, which sometimes gives space for a very dry aroma of cedar and at other times highlights the more delicate woody aroma of Gaiac. The vanilla and patchouli in this composition end up being more accessory elements for me, and that do not stand out in the mix. The dance of notes in Miksado is delicious and as Insulo the perfume has an aura and duration consistent with an extract. Very good.