27 de abr. de 2020

Widian London - Fragrance Review

For me, Widian is the type of brand that I despise most in perfumery, the one that exists merely for commercial interests at the expense of an artistic or creative vision. I see in Widian something that alternates between the absence of originality and the absence of good taste and the presence of good taste but with the absence of originality. Case of this creation, London.

The description of the London concept is typical of someone who has no artistic or creative ideas and needs to fit a lot of pseudo-sophisticated nonsense to look luxurious and precious - for example, that the intricate gold design on the bottle adds to the fragrance's exclusivity and elegance. I would particularly say it is the tacky ostentation trying to pass for luxury.

Regarding the aroma itself, as said London has good taste and no originality. The scent is basically another variation on the fruity leather of Tom Ford's Tuscan Leather scent. It is not a literal version of the perfume so that it is not blatant plagiarism, but the DNA is there: the sweet fruity aroma, the leather with unlisted tobacco nuances, the ambery base notes.

Widian London can be seen as a less aggressive version of the idea or perhaps also a more tedious and personalityless version, depending on how kind you want to be with the brand. Anyway, it remains a perfume that does not add anything new to a brand that would not be missed if it did not exist.