11 de mai. de 2020

Atelier des Ors Bois Sikar - Fragrance Review

With Bois Sikar the creator of Atelier des Ors, Jean-Phillipe Clermont, pays homage both to his experience in the tobacco industry and at the same time bets on a theme that fits very well with current perfume trends. With a name that makes reference to smoked wood, Bois Sikar is inspired by Havana cigars, wooden humidors and single malt whiskey with a peaty aroma.

That's all you need to know to understand Bois Sikar, which sells exactly the narrative that its name and inspirations reflect. Here Atelier des Ors seems to perfect and balance a smoky, dry and slightly salty aroma that has appeared in other creations, as if it gave a more luxurious and balanced impression to an aroma that is certainly not easy to please.

In the first minutes Bois Sikar sells a dry, smoky and animalic aroma. I see that it is as if we were opening the Humidor where precious cigars are kept and we were then enjoying what the olfactory part, from its smell before being lit until we observe its rich and dry aroma of tobacco and spices spreading through the air after litted,  with a smoky and slightly animalic castoreum aroma spreading through the air.

As we enjoy our cigar a dry and waxy boozy aroma  begins to become noticeable too, as if the smell of the whiskey that is put in the glass  is mixed with the aroma of the cigar. It is curious that there is also a light salty touch here, which I do not know exactly if it comes from the construction of the cigar or if it comes from the aroma of the whiskey.

In a last stage, Bois Sikar ends just as its name suggests, woody and with light smoky nuances that mix with the scent of cedar, as if the humidor box absorbed part of the smoked and tobacco aroma. It is the last moment of this sensory and olfactory experience and it closes with consistency what is told. Bois Sikar brings a luxurious and retro look to something currently appreciated in perfumery and does it with a lot of class and style, in a perfume that is curiously challenging and easy to use at the same time.