20 de mai. de 2020

Mendittorosa Ithaka - Fragrance Review

In terms of perfume as a complete set of artistic concept, fragrance and presentation, Mendittorosa shows that it is a master in this art launch after launch. The brand is creative in its perfumery as an art of mystical and personal exploration and after themes such as Tarot, Volcanoes, Planets and Stars Mendittorosa turns to poetry as a form of artistic expression.

Ithaka is the beginning of a trilogy that proposes a dialogue between poetry and perfumery and the choice could not be better. Based on a poem by the Greek author C. P. Cavafy and honoring the mythical city that is part of Homer's Odyssey, both the poem and the perfume are an ode to life's journey as the main reason for existence. Ithaka is an invitation to enjoy the journey of existence more than focusing on the ultimate goal of the journey.

The brand is inspired by one of the verses of the poem where the poetic self advises the reader to take advantage of the Phenicia trade points to buy the finer things in life, including as many sensual perfumes as one can. The idea here seems to me to be to offer a perfume with a remote aura that is both modern and sensual.

Similar to other recent releases, Ithaka goes in a less challenging and more straightforward direction and will certainly surprise the ones that expect a perfume loaded in smoky incense and in the aromatic resins that are listed in the composition pyramid. The perfume uses incense as a conducting thread, but emphasizing the more mineral and light side of the incense, combining with a light and watery floral. Like Sirio, the resins used here are more distant yet slightly more potent in composition, giving a more sweet and amber-like contour to a final phase where predominate woods with a discreet aroma and musks.

I feel divided about Ithaka. While I do not consider it right to criticize the performance of a perfume where the concept is precisely to enjoy the journey and not the destination, I believe that an epic poem inspired by an epic journey should have a perfume no less than epic too. Perhaps this is a journey that works best on warmer days, where the moderate and resinous side of the composition is sure to shine brighter.

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