18 de mai. de 2020

Mendittorosa Lacura - Fragrance Review

Since its first launches the niche brand Mendittorosa stood out with a creative, symbolic perfumery, rich in details and totally rooted in the present. The brand and its creator see in perfume more than an accessory of seduction and personal affirmation. In Mendittorosa we have perfume as a mystical and spiritual journey that is not stuck in time and that has a much greater power than highlighting the characteristics of those who use it.

In Lacura, the brand explores perfumery as a personal care and healing tool. Inspired by a poem and song by Franco Battiato, Lacura comes with a proposal to calm, take care, inspire and protect. A fragrance that uses white flowers to care for and heal the fragility of those who use it, to protect the purity and beauty of those involved in its aroma. Overall the perfume is almost as a kind of personal talisman, even if the fragrance is not within The Talismans section of Mendittorosa.

Whether by affinity with current trends or the desire to transmit a universal message to the current consumer Lacura focuses on bringing a more refined and artistic version of the white and sweet floral perfume that has dominated feminine fragrances in recent years. To make the connection with the purest, innocent and childish side the brand uses the symbolism of vanilla and caramel and brings the cozy and velvety aspect of musks and cashmeran to complete the concept.

On top of this warm and sweet aspect, an exuberant and complex white floral bouquet of great beauty and harmony is built. The opening at first turns out to be sweet and sugary, however when you pay attention to it you notice a slightly bitter orange aroma and a classic and refreshing bergamot citrus. The sweetness opens space to a more white floral  side, one that although sweet is not overly fruity or sugar loaded and gives space for a richer, lush yet delicate floral interpretation. And finally the perfume ends with soft touches of hot resins amid the warmth of vanilla, caramel and musks.

This is a healing journey that manages in a very intelligent way to convey something mystical and spiritual in a more popular and universal way. And this is done by delivering a fragrance rich in details, with good performance and a great balance between sweetness, comfort and floral purity / sensuality.