19 de mai. de 2020

Mendittorosa Sirio - Fragrance Review

Sirio is faithful to the essence of Mendittorosa as a brand that explores in perfumery a mystical and spiritual journey. Inspired by the brightest star visible to the naked eye and part of the Canis Majoris constellation, the Sirio perfume offers us a mystical exploration of existence and its purpose. What if Sirius had the answer to the eternal questions that plague us?

From an olfactory perspective, I would say that Sirio is linked to Lacura in the sense that both bring a more accessible and easy-to-enjoy olfactory experience. The fragrance's opening captures a delicious red fruity accord, one that seems to represent the star's red glow well. There is an aroma that oscillates between grape and red fruits and mixes with a delicious sweet rose of boozy nuances.

The problem, however, is that for me Sirio's musks are practically invisible and the perfume seems to depend a lot on them so that after the first two hours of the perfume on the skin, what comes next is frustrating. Even though we have potent notes like oud and amber Sirio simply fades on the skin with an exotic aroma of woods and amber notes that is so far away that it does not reflect the symbolism of the brightest star in the sky.

Sirio is not one of my favorites of the brand and the execution of its symbolism is a mystery to me. It is a perfume that in a way represents the dynamic that hope sometimes has, in which it can be bright and intense and then disappear mysteriously and leave us with a kind of existential emptiness.