22 de mai. de 2020

Mendittorosa Talento - Fragrance Review

The story behind the creation of this Mendittorosa perfume seems to exemplify exactly what it pays homage to, that when talent is protected and nourished it flourishes unexpectedly. The idea came when Stefania realized that by dropping some mint petals in a vase of roses it started to nourish them and make them grow stronger and more resistant. And that made the creative director of the brand reflect exactly how we need talent to grow and what would be the smell of talent.

I would say that there are some objectives very well tied in this creation. The first is a continuation of reconciling more direct olfactory structures without losing the brand's essence. The second is to honor Stefania's olfactory inspiration and create a perfume of mint and roses where the refreshing aroma of mint leads to a floral bloom of a very natural rose. And the third of them is related to the quote that the brand associates with the perfume "Talent is a spring always sprouting with new waters".

The choice of aldehydes and mint in the output of Talento creates an interesting sensory experience, something bubbly, fresh and intense that seems to transmit exactly the sensation of water sprouting at the same time that alters the usual dynamics of aldehydes as citrus enhancers. Aldehydes also help to lighten the rose that quickly begins to bloom, anchored in the geranium to transmit the greener and mentholated side of it. As the perfume continues to progress on the skin, a more chypre direction takes shape, with earthy and mossy aspects treated in a softer way, with one foot in the woods and the other in the musks.

Talento in general makes me think of an evolution of Le Mat perfume in a more transparent direction, being able to keep the more classic and robust side but making the composition more versatile and easy to use. It is a cohesive olfactory design among all its elements, luxurious in every detail and interesting in how it balances simplicity and exuberance. It is one of the brand's recent perfumes that has been the most successful in taking Mendittorosa into new territory without weakening its essence - Talent is basically the mint for the brand's delicate and fertile creative rose.

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