4 de mai. de 2020

Tom Ford Rose Prick - Fragrance Review

Since the beginning of his career as perfumery creative director Tom Ford has explored the sexual / sensual theme in his fragrances, knowing that explicitly or through insinuations that sex when well explored sells very well. After Fucking Fabulous and Lost Cherry Tom Ford plays with the rose and the reference to its thorns in Rose Prick brings a hint to the male genitalia (Prick is an old English slang for that). The perfume suggests that this is not a mere coincidence because in the press notes the perfume is sold with the phrase "the slight pain that produces such a sensual pleasure".

Like much of Tom Ford's good perfumes Rose Prick uses a reinterpretation of the past and classic themes to sell a perfume to a new generation. Inspired by his rose garden and several varieties (May Rose, Bulgarian Rose and Turkish Rose), Tom Ford bets on a reinterpretation of the green rose theme that had a good success in the 2000s.

In the first minutes in the skin Rose Prick makes me think of the YSL Baby Doll, launched in 1999 and with an aroma of green roses and cassis. The fruity and green idea is less prominent here, but the similarity, even if distant, is immediate. The perfume then seems to go for a classic theme of roses and one that tries to diminish the old-fashioned connotations by anchoring the greener aroma of roses in a discreet gourmand nuance, something slightly sugary and toasted that seems to come from the tonka note in the composition. The base of the perfume is ambiguous, wanting to suggest something more sophisticated with a light mossy chypre touch but at the same time looking quite common due to the wide dose of musks, giving a smell that perhaps refers to deodorant in the final moments.

Rose Prick is not a shocking scent as its innuendo might suggest, but this will certainly help to create interest here. There is something nostalgic and cute in the composition, a tender rose with a retro touch that could very well be the scent of a scented doll from the past. It is a common creation without being exactly common, perhaps falling short of what it is charged ($ 285 50ml) but still very well done. The pleasures of the rose, but without any olfactory thorn.