1 de jun. de 2020

Café de Parfum Eden and Ashura - Fragrance Reviews

Café de Parfum is a rare case of high consistency in a collection of 6 fragrances, although in some cases the brand goes a little bit too far in its conceptual interpretation of the theme of desserts. Sanruj is very creative in the way he builds his abstractions from desserts and very talented in olfactory constructions, bringing references that are not obvious and surprising even when he explores what is obvious.

Eden would certainly be one of the cases where in another brand we would have a more common and average fragrance. The perfume explores an explosion of citrus and tropical fruit aromas to honor the fruit tarts from the perspective of the juiciness of the fruits that go in them. One in particular stands out, the pineapple, and Café de Parfum delivers a pineapple scent that surprises for being able to balance the most exotic aspects, the green side of the fruit and the sweetest fruity nuances. Citrus fruits help to compose the illusion of pineapple while peach and strawberry add more sweet and easy to appeal fruity nuances. This is a perfume that tries to sustain a fruity explosion as much as possible on the skin, which ends up compromising evolution a little, where vanilla and myrrh create a very discreet and smooth creamy and resinous background.

Ashura as well as Eden also explores a biblical theme in the name, but here Café de Parfum turns to the origin of the desserts and interprets olfactively what is known to be a pudding that Noah made to celebrate as soon as he left the Ark. At first Ashura is a little strange, mainly with a strong aroma of frankincense and coniferous notes giving an incense aspect and an ancient aroma. On the skin, however, the perfume makes a twist and brings a pudding of fig, nuts and dried fruits that is creamy, juicy and one of the most gourmands of the brand, even if it is not a sugared gourmand. In this fragrances who supports the composition is the tobacco along with the cedar, giving a woody aura and a fruity tobacco aspect to the last the rest of the composition. It is perhaps one of the most exotic, complex and successful perfumes in representing the theme within the excellent line of the brand.