3 de jun. de 2020

Coty Chypre - Fragrance Review

Trying Chypre on the skin is like trying, in essence, a whole family that is characterized by complexity and dynamics between light/ luminous and dense/dark elements.Coty today is a company that cheapened, in the negative sense of the word, its perfumes and became the umbrella of more or less brands and celebrity perfumes. In the past, however, the brand was a great symbol of luxury, one of the biggest rivals of brands like Chanel, Jean Patou and Guerlain and one of the biggest influencers in perfumery as we know it today.

A beautiful example of its luxurious and influential character is the 1917 creation, the Chypre perfume. Inspired by the island of Cyprus and the legends of aphrodisiac perfumes created there with labdanum Chypre was born, which would prove so complex and interesting with time that it ended up generating an olfactory family around itself with perfumes that would use the same dynamics of it but taking different paths.

What Coty Chypre has and what you notice in a good chypre perfume is the symphonic and dynamic evolution divided into acts, as is typical of classic perfumery. The first act consists of citrus and more sparkling aromas, a little astringent ones. It is the most luminous part, the preparation for what is to come. At the heart, the transition to something more dense and mysterious begins, with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, these dominated by a drier rose and a more sweet violet and with little earthy touch.

In this second phase of the heart the classic and most famous elements of vintage chypres become noticeable and we can perceive the first moments of the labdanum and the moss. The labdanum gives the incensed aspect, slightly sweet, the most sensual part of the idea and which combines very well with the aroma of the flowers. Oak moss brings a more austere and almost masculine face, a darker, natural tone, slightly salty and where the earthy smell predominates.

In fact, of many chypres, the original is perhaps one that most presents this masculine and sober facet, which reveals a sweet floral nuance that is very sensual yet restrained and that makes it, like most classics, an excellent perfume to be shared.