9 de jun. de 2020

Guerlain Parfum des Champs Elysees - Fragrance Review

Having the chance to wear Parfum de Champs Elysees is both a blessing and a great curse. It is a blessing that one of my best friends sent me a generous sample and that charmed me from the first moment I felt it, and a curse for being so rare and expensive that meet it is like falling in love with a stranger knowing that you will probably never return to see him/her.

I like how sensual and round this perfume shows from the first moment until the final phase of it on my skin. And I am surprised by its vintage aura but fresh character at the same time, which demonstrates the use of exceptional raw materials in an impeccable, luxurious execution, worthy of the timelessness that the great classics present.

Even though there is no sandalwood listed in its notes, the first impression I have is of a beautiful Indian sandalwood, buttery, creamy, woody, with a slight hint of cloves. And after that first sensual opening it becomes more floral and sweet and even more beautiful. The flowers dominate it with its sweet and seductive smell, a mixture of violets with an earthy aroma of iris and a very light hint of heliotrope and a very subtle use of tuberose just to add a touch to the floral accord and make it a little more sexy.

The leather in this perfume is discreet, more raw and mossy. It is not a silky or suede-like leather, but neither is it an animal and smoked one. It is a sober and elegant evolution for the beautiful warm and floral heart that precedes it. Too bad it's not done anymore, and I just hope that someday Guerlain will produce it again in an accessible edition, maintaining all the beauty, charm and sensuality it has. One of the best Guerlains I've ever had the chance to try.