8 de jul. de 2020

Guerlain Les Parisiennes Purple Fantasy - Fragrance Review

Purple Fantasy was originally created in 2001 probably as a first attempt to bring an younger audience to Guerlain's brand back in the 2000's. In 2005 it was brought back to production with the Les Parisiennes line and curiously it is one of the Parisiennes where you barely find bottles or images.

At first i thought that this version was exactly the same one as the 2001 so i never wore the golden envelope sample i have with me. Today i decided to test it on my skin and to my surprise they are not exactly equal and the Parisienne version seems as an improvement over the 2001 version.

The original Purple Fantasy tries to gain the younger feminine audience with a very generous dose of violet leaf and violet flower, which brings a kind of plastic green aroma that bothers me. This one recalibrates the elements and while still smelling young seems more refined and chic, even that if it is in a minimalist way.

It is as if for the relaunch Jean Paul Guerlain readjusted the formula in a way that Purple Fantasy showed more relationship with the brand's heritage. It seems to me like a very light Samsara - a creamy sandalwood is wrapped in iris, coconut touches and a green tea note that seems straight from the 1999 version of Cherry Blossom. The Violet is perceptible but very soften.

I suspect that Purple Fantasy was overshadowed by the other members inside the Parisienne line. It also was very cheap to find the 1999 version, so today this better executed version is one of the vast brand's catalog.