20 de ago. de 2020

Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Winter Delice - Fragrance Review

Winter Delice was launched in 2005 at the very beginning of the Aqua Allegoria conception line, 2 years after the first 5 inaugurated this line that intended to show a more modern, simple but well made Guerlain. It is perhaps one of the few that is not named with any of the essences that go in it; instead, it captures the winter and Christmas aura of the northern hemisphere and is a recreation of the dry, herbal environment of a pine forest.

In line with this line's profile, Winter Delice has no small details or complexities that take time to understand; it is simple and straightforward in its winter and christmas aura that, because it is not dense or saturated, allows it to be used in slightly warmer temperatures as well. In style, Winter Delice brings me back to the aroma of a Serge Lutens, Fille en Aiguilles, starting with a woody, dry herbal aroma, with incense, smoky nuances, whose sobriety and naturalness of the aroma reminds me of a forest of Pine trees.

What creates the most Christmas and familiar aura is the base that surrounds it and that brings the aroma of the pine tree into the celebration, as if this, despite keeping the soul of the forest in itself, was inserted in a context of vanilla and sugary aromas that refer to festive sweets being prepared within a warm and cozy environment. As we see this environment closer to the pine tree itself than to the treats, it is only suggested, it involves the smell in brief sweet moments and then dissolves in the incense and wood.

Winter Delice has a medium setting and trail, a common feature of the Aqua Allegoria line, excellent harmony and a scent consistent with its inspiration, and which would be very welcome if the brand decided to bring it again, even if it was like a Christmas edition.