12 de dez. de 2020

Granado Bossa - Fragrance Review


At 150 years of age Granado has never been younger. The brand has reappeared in recent years in the national market with an accessible and artistic perfumery, always balanced between the bold and the classic. To celebrate its 150 years of existence, the brand decides to honor its birthplace, Rio de Janeiro, and creates Bossa, a fragrance that exalts the coast of Rio, the summer in Rio and the relaxation of the city.

Bossa is still a perfume that brings in its inspiration the tropical and fresh cliché that is linked to Brazil. The difference is perhaps that this cliché is executed with mastery by the perfumer Cécile Zarokian, as if it were a kind of love letter from the perfumer for our country. Cécile delivers to Granado a sensual, fresh and vibrant composition that does not miss a moment of its evolution on the skin to give us a paradisiacal view of Rio de Janeiro.

The first moments Bossa is a very interesting allusion to the sea, something that balances the bitter and sharp aspect of the lemon with the sweetness of the mandarin orange and the bitter floweriness of the orange petitgrain. There is a light aquatic touch very well fitted and that creates a saline and airy aspect in that first moment.

Bossa surprises by the way it always brings citrus freshness and a very tropical floral voluptuousness. Frangipani and tiaré bring us a slightly fruity and narcotic floral breeze and coconut milk gives us a light creamy and sweet touch to the mix. Musks and cashmere support the fragrance in a light, soft and mineral way. Like an Eau de Toilette Bossa it is vibrant and of moderate duration, but it is a perfume so well made and pleasant that it makes you want to constantly reapply to feel yourself on your best summer vacation in Rio. It is a beautiful tribute to the city and a very good and youth way of Granado to celebrate its 150 years of life.