12 de dez. de 2020

Sultan Pasha Tabac Grande - Fragrance Review


On Tabac Grande Sultan revisits on of his childhood memories related to a sweet and pipe tobacco. Sultan recreates his memories of the finest tobacco he has smelled as a kid delivering us a thick, smoky, spicy and sweet ode to the fine art of pipe tobacco. It is something intriguing in the way that it is at the same time very dark and very warm and welcoming.

Tabac Grande starts with a green and olive-like cognac note contrasted with a honey that has almost a molasses like aroma. It is backed by a subtle flowery almond nuances that i link to hawthorn. The presence of coffee and saffron here seems more like coadjuvants to the roasted and spicy aura of tobacco.

Natural tobacco tends to be gorgeous in its sweet, smoky and leafy nuances but at the same time it is a material that easily gets too close to the skin. Tabac Grande makes an harmony were precious flowers make sure that this tobacco blooms on the skin. At the same time the hay and tonka accentuates the sweet and green facets of tobacco. 

In its base the nature of sweet and smoky tobacco is reinforced by several elements. There is animalic notes like castoureum,oud, ambergris and civet to glorify the smoky and dirty side of tobacco. Cade helps to amplify the smoky and burnt nuances while vanilla, imortelle and amber creates a cozy and sweet aura with a touch of burn sugar. A precious memory is captured and delivered to us in Tabac Grande with the richness of details that sometimes are only present in the memory of the person that lived it.