14 de mai. de 2021

Hilde Soliani Crema di Latte - Avaliação do Perfume

Cremma di Latte is a creation of the independent perfumer Hilde Soliani, known for making fragrances of complexity built from a simple formula trying to explore new ways from well-known aromas, in this case the scent of vanilla. But this is not a simple vanilla, it is a truly enchanting gourmand sensory experience.

Crema Di Latte makes me think of the aroma that comes from the pan when you are cooking condensed milk with butter and sugar to make homemade dulce de leche. The first thing that comes from the perfume on my skin is an aroma that I love, the smell of hot butter melting in the pan. It lasts for two or three minutes clearly, and is an intriguing aroma of sweet and salty nuances, with a creamy, velvety texture.

And then I notice the aroma of milk, in this case condensed milk, starting to caramelize. It is a smell that also reminds me of hot milk starting to produce cream. It is a warm, milky aroma, also with buttery nuances that, due to the caramelized aspect, makes me think both of the smell of the cream of milk and that of condensing milk. And in the last phase of the perfume on the skin, one can perceive the aroma of the well-known vanilla, sweet and creamy and which strongly refers to the smell of caramel pudding. You realize that it is a fragrance capable of producing a complex gourmand impression, of small details, from something simple and adorable. Crema di Latte is a delight for lovers of gourmand perfumes that is able to consistently offer new sensations on a much loved theme.